Comdata Services:

Comdata Fuel Discounts:

FactorLoads Comdata card holders who purchase fuel on their Comdata card are eligible for fleet pricing discounts at most major fuel stops, where they will receive the same discount pricing as the largest fleets in the nation.

Comdata Debit Cards:

FactorLoads Comdata cards also work as a debit card. You and your drivers can use your Comdata debit card to access funds from more than 600,000 ATM locations, plus most all store front locations.

Comdata Comcheks:

Your Comdata cards come with the ability for you to issue your own Com Data Comcheks from the funds on your Comdata card. You can write the Comcheks directly off your Comdata card any time of the day by phone or by mobile app.

Direct Deposit with Comdata:

Transfer money from your Comdata card to your bank account or use the Direct Deposit Program to automatically deposit for you when you receive funds.