When you partner with FactorLoads for our freight factoring and invoicing services, you unlock a world of advantages and benefits. On top of our back-office support for all your factored and standard invoicing, you also get fast access to the cash you need to run your business and cover any emergency expenditures.

One way we simplify all your payment and purchase transactions is by offering you one of the most powerful trucking cards on the market, Comdata. You no longer have to worry about how and when you’ll get paid. And because we have no contracts or hidden fees, the cost of our services doesn’t change due to seasonal fluctuations or failure to meet a minimum number of factored loads.

Comdata Services:

Harness the power of Comdata, one of the most recognized trucking cards around, with these great services:

FactorLoads has chosen Comdata as one of our payment options because they give you the flexibility to run your fleet the way you see fit. There are no restrictions on the number of cards you can have, and payment is accepted at most establishments that accept Mastercard. You can even transfer funds to your bank account and enjoy direct deposit right to your cards.

Sometimes, your drivers are making deliveries across the country — make sure they have access to cash for fuel and other expenses. Comdata cardholders have access to more than 600,000 ATMs, meaning your drivers are never far from the cash they need for operating expenses or emergency situations.

Comdata Fuel Discounts

FactorLoads Comdata cardholders who purchase fuel on their Comdata card are eligible for fleet pricing discounts at most major fuel stops, where they will receive the same discount pricing as the largest fleets in the nation. This is a huge advantage for small trucking companies, who typically don’t have access to the same pricing advantages as larger companies with more trucks in their fleet.

Fuel is by far your largest operating expense, so make sure you’re saving as much as you can with every fill-up. We will give you as many Comdata fuel cards as you need, so you can equip each driver with one and benefit from Comdata fuel discounts every time they stop for gas. You’ll also get monthly statements and can access card transactions online to know exactly where your money is being spent, which helps you keep expenditures under control.

Comdata Debit Cards

FactorLoads Comdata cards also work as a debit card. You and your drivers can use your Comdata debit card to access funds from more than 600,000 ATM locations, plus most all storefront locations. At FactorLoads, we work hard to get you your cash right away — instantly for factored loads, and the day payment is made for regular client invoices. It only makes sense that we would offer you the card that gives you the best access to your money, Comdata Debit Cards.

Comdata Comcheks

Your Comdata cards come with the ability for you to issue your own Com Data Comcheks from the funds on your Comdata card. You can write the Comcheks directly off your Comdata card any time of the day by phone or by mobile app. Since you have full control over the funds in your account, you are always sure that there is enough money available for your Comcheks. This is just one more way we streamline your business and simplify your payment options.

Direct Deposit With Comdata

Transfer money from your Comdata card to your bank account or use the Direct Deposit Program to automatically deposit for you when you receive funds. You are busy enough delivering your loads and looking for new business. Spend less time analyzing your financial transactions by signing up for Direct Deposit.

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Take advantage of flexible Comdata Payment Services, whether your drivers are fueling up locally or on the other side of the country. When you combine our expert freight factoring services with the flexibility of Comdata cards, you can save money on fuel and other operating expenditures, while also making sure your deliveries get where they need to be on time.

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