What Is Spot Factoring?

As part of the FactorLoads billing options, we have created a true spot factoring option for our carriers. Our spot factoring option lets you choose on an invoice-by-invoice basis what to factor -- depending on your cash flow needs. This gives you ultimate control over your finances. Our competitors require that once you sign on a customer for factoring, you must factor every bill for that customer. We give you the freedom to factor when you want.

How Does Spot Factoring Work?

-You have the freedom to factor on a load-by-load basis, choosing which loads to factor and which to simply bill through FactorLoads.

-You are paid instantly on the same day for factored loads.

-You are paid instantly after your payment arrives for billed loads.

-All Invoices to your customers come from FactorLoads.

-All Payments from your customers go through FactorLoads.

In either case – whether the load is factored or billed -- FactorLoads bills your customer, makes collection calls and loads your payment on your Comdata card.

NOTE: When considering the Bill-Through-FactorLoads option, our special Non-Recourse Factoring protection from bad debt does not apply.