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We design a custom factoring program around your company’s needs.

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If you currently have a factoring company you work with, our invoicing and billing experts are happy to look at your current contract and help you see where you could be saving money. This is just one more way we’ve proved ourselves to be the most trustworthy and best factoring company for the trucking industry. 

Along with this essential service, we offer an array of other benefits, discounts and perks designed to help small- and medium-sized freight companies grow.

We believe in transparency, and we practice it in the way we communicate with you and the way we do business. We customize our factoring services to your company’s needs to ensure every transaction runs smoothly. Our back-office support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Reach out today to see how we can save you money over your current factoring contract.

what is freight factoring for truckers and owner-operators?

FactorLoads is a factoring company for truckers. Truckers “sell” their invoices to FactorLoads. We pay the trucker immediately and handle the collection of payments for them. With FactorLoads handling your invoicing and collection processes, your drivers can spend more time doing what they do best — moving loads quickly and safely.

We started our business helping owners and owner-operators of small- and medium-sized trucking companies compete with the big boys and continue to offer support to this important backbone of the transportation industry.

Benefits of
working with FactorLoads:

Our services are designed to keep cash flowing so you can grow your business and keep your trucks rolling. It’s easy to see how FactorLoads has become an industry-leading factoring company for the trucking industry.

We enhance our factoring services through unique perks only available from FactorLoads:

24/7 full factoring services

24/7 cash advances

24/7 roadside assistance

No contracts and no obligations

Spot factoring — choose what loads you want to factor

Get advanced 40%-60% of the load when you pick it up

Reasonable flat rates.

Fuel discounts

No monthly minimums or reserves.

24/7 unlimited ree credit checks

Get cash within minutes of delivery

No hidden fees

Same-day setup

Complimentary Load Board account

Use of our database for customer preapprovals.

Custom factoring plan developed around your company’s needs.

Recourse and non-recourse programs

understanding freight
factoring services

When researching factoring companies for trucking companies, be aware of the benefits, rates and contracts that are offered in the industry. 

There are many truck factoring companies with less than scrupulous practices. They offer great rates and incredible benefits only to hit you with hidden fees and limited access. Always read the fine print and ask lots of questions — you may find holdbacks, fluctuating rates and minimums that will bog down your business.

factorloads factoring services
for trucking businesses

At FactorLoads, we earn your trust by providing excellent service and outstanding benefits. As a leading freight factoring company for truckers, here are just some of the services we offer to build long-term relationships with smaller truck companies that need a leg up in this competitive industry. 

Cash Right Away

Your trucking company needs consistent cash flow to thrive, so you shouldn’t have to wait on unpaid invoices. FactorLoads gives you fast and easy access to your cash so you can move on to the next load. We’ll handle the collections process.

Convenient Back-Office Support

Our backoffice support takes care of all of your paperwork and makes sure your cash is available when you need it. That means streamlined bookkeeping and reports that will help you file your taxes. Our back-office support simplifies freight factoring so that you can focus on moving goods and getting paid — not pesky paperwork. 

Custom Freight Factoring Programs

Freight factoring should be on your terms, not some pre-planned program that doesn’t work with your trucking company’s unique goals. With our flat-rate plan, you get custom factoring that suits your business. As your business changes,  we change with you. We work to adapt and create a new program that ensures your success.

Some of our factoring programs include the following:

  • Recourse
  • Non-recourse
  • Spot factoring


FactorLoads is a pioneer in the industry. We were the first truck factoring company to offer around-the-clock cash advances and full factoring services. And we continue to be the only truly transparent freight bill factoring for truckers.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. When it comes to trucking factoring companies for owner-operators, mid-sized trucking companies and freight brokers, you can’t do better than our program and unmatchable backoffice support. Our staff is available 24/7, every day of the year, to help you with your needs. No matter what day or night you’re on the road, we are available by phone. 

Since 1996, we have built our reputation as a leading factoring company used by trucking companies. To make factoring easy for you and create a positive relationship, we focus on being:


We explain our services in detail and never hide anything from you while taking care of all of your factoring paperwork.


You won’t find our great combination of factoring and trucking company services at other factoring providers.


When you contact us, we find fast solutions that suit your situation by studying the unique requirements of your business.


At any moment of your day, you can count on us to have a live person available to help you with your needs, not just another automated system.


Our flat rate with no hidden fees approach means we can offer you greater value, helping you grow your business.

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Keeping You on the road
With 24/7 factoring support

With years of experience under our belt, we’ve come to learn that for customers like you, a truck breakdown isn’t merely an inconvenience. It can have a significant impact on your business in several ways:

Late deliveries cost you money.

A broken truck can damage goods.

Missing deadlines can ruin your reputation.

A breakdown can affect other shipments.

This is why we’re proud to offer 24/7 factoring for trucking companies. Other invoice factoring companies for trucking are only available during regular office hours. That doesn’t do you much good if you need roadside assistance late at night or need to set up a last-minute invoice factoring to get cash on the weekend. The same goes for cash advances. Only you know when you need your money, so we give you access to it 24/7.

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We look forward to hearing from you and creating your personalized invoice factoring program to give a boost to your business. Call or contact us and find out how we’ve become the leading factoring company for the trucking industry and put us to work for you!

If you want to work with us but are currently under contract with another freight factoring company, give us a call. We can review your current terms and work to get your account transferred. Dial 1-866-218-0030, extension 4, to speak with a specialist. To connect online, fill out our convenient quote form

We look forward to helping you build your business.