Why You Need a Fuel Card as an Owner-Operator

The highly competitive trucking market in the U.S. today means even small owner-operator businesses need to think big to compete. It used to be that programs such as fleet cards were reserved for large national lines. Nowadays, fuel cards can help even small fleets save big money when it comes time to fuel up.

Here at FactorLoads, we built our business serving small and medium owner-operator fleets with strategic freight factoring and additional benefits such as fuel cards. Let us help you grow your business and add extra value for your customers by reducing your fuel costs and simplifying your month-end fuel-related paperwork.

Types of Fuel Cards Available

While there are dozens of different fuel cards available on the market for owner-operators, they generally fall into two categories — retail-minus and cost-plus:

  • Retail-minus: This type of card offers a discount (in cents) over the retail cost of fuel. This type of card is easy to understand — for example, your card may offer 10 cents off the posted price, making it easy to see the savings to be had at every fill-up.
  • Cost-plus: This card model uses an industry base cost for fuel and adds in other fees to come up with a reduced fuel cost. While it is difficult to determine what you will pay before fueling, cost-plus is often the best choice in highly taxed fuel states like California.

Depending on the fuel card program you choose, you will either benefit from at-the-pump savings or receive a rebate check at the end of the month. Look into the particulars of any fuel card for small fleet program before you sign up to avoid any surprises and be sure you’re getting benefits that suit the way you run your business. There are even fuel cards for truckers with bad credit who are looking to wipe the slate clean and get a fresh start.

Fuel Cards Available Through FactorLoads

With decades of experience, our team here at FactorLoads knows that owner-operators need to save money wherever you can. We have partnered up with EFS to offer real fuel savings that help your bottom line. You can order as many cards as you need to be sure every truck and every driver in your fleet is equipped.

With EFS, you get:

  • Fuel savings with every gallon
  • The ability to send money home
  • Available cash advances and driver payment options
  • Simplified payment of tolls
  • And much more!

We invite you to contact our team today using our online contact page or give us a call at 1-866-218-0030 to discuss the right fuel card solution for your owner-operator fleet. Don’t let the big boys save all the money and squeeze you out of the market. Take advantage of a cost-saving fuel card program designed with owner-operators in mind.

When you combine these great reasons to use a fuel card with our unbeatable load factoring services, you can really streamline your business and see real savings and growth.

Call us today and one of our helpful reps will prepare a free quote and tell you all you need to know about our EFS fuel cards.