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What is
Load Factoring?

Factoring programs allow truckers to get paid right away for the work they complete! FactorLoads or other factoring companies purchase invoices from carriers. The factoring company then sends the carrier a percentage of the money on the invoice (usually within 24 hours!) Factoring allows carriers to get paid sooner and relieves them of some of the cash flow hassles that come with the trucking industry

Finding a transparent freight factoring company can feel like a challenge. You want to know you won’t be hit with hidden fees and that the freight brokers will work with you to maximize your benefit in the transactions. The best freight bill factoring companies will make your money available to you as fast as possible to give you the cash flow you need. Optimally, you’ll receive your money within 24 hours.

Knowing the right questions to ask of a potential freight broker can ensure you find a partner who is looking out for your needs. FactorLoads specializes in assisting small- and mid-sized trucking companies, especially those just starting out in the business. We have a number of options that can aid you with keeping cash flow loose and improving the outlook for your small business.

Factoring Programs for Trucking companies

We approach every new partner as a unique one. We’ll develop a custom freight broker factoring program for you, which will include everything from spot factoring to competitive flat rates with no reserves. We always stay flexible, with 24/7 accessibility. We know trucking isn’t a 9-5 business, and we’ll take care of you whenever the need arises. When your situation or your needs change, we’ll adapt your program to suit them. Our team wants to keep you on the road and on time.

Factoring programs for
Freight Brokers

Freight brokers want to grow their business. Instead, they often find themselves fighting to stay afloat because of shippers that are slow to pay. Factoring aids you in getting fast payments, giving you accessible cash flow that you can redirect back into the business to help it grow.

Whatever your factoring needs are  you should look for a partner that:

Won’t include hidden fees in your contract

Gives support in finding roadside assistance

Provides detailed accounting reports and tax documents

Has full back-office

Billing Options With Spot Factoring

Maybe you don’t need factoring with every load. Perhaps there are certain situations where you want to use this option and others where you don’t. Employing spot factoring will give you this ability, providing you greater control over your finances. While other factoring companies will require you to factor every load once you partner with them, we’ll allow you to pick and choose.

Flexible Payment Options

You want the freedom of choice when it comes to payment options. Fortunately, we’ll let you pick how you receive payments, with EFS and Comdata fuel cards both available. You can access these payments immediately, and they’ll remove variables such as late customer payments and seasonal variations from the equation. As a result, you’ll enjoy streamlined operations when you receive fuel card payments, and you’ll receive small savings that really add up as your mileage rises.

Transparent Factoring Services

You should understand what you’re getting when you partner with a factoring company. Hidden fees have no place in your contracts. You want a company that will be honest in its dealings and won’t stick you with surprise regulations or unanticipated fees. You’ll be happy to know that we take a straightforward approach to freight factoring that our customers find refreshing. This strategy will give you more time to devote to fleet management without worrying about financing.

Recourse and Non-Recourse

You can choose whether to enter our recourse or non-recourse programs. Each one offers benefits to those enrolled. Call us for details.


  • Recourse: We pay upfront when you submit your bills.
  • Non-Recourse: The factor accepts the possibility of non-payment, and our expenses are a bit higher
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We offer the flexibility and accountability you’re looking for in a factoring program.

We’ve helped many businesses just like yours get a firmer footing in the trucking industry over the years. Let us assist you too. Contact us today to learn more about the services we provide.

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