Truck Driving: The Essential Business

Considering a career in the trucking or freight industry? Truck driving jobs are in high demand, and America’s infrastructure depends on them. Truck drivers are getting the praise and recognition they’ve always deserved now more than ever. Why? The country needs to meet citizens’ basic needs, and our transportation industry needs to remain active and … Continue reading “Truck Driving: The Essential Business”

Can Canadian Truck Drivers Work in the USA?

The United States and Canada share one of the largest borders of any two countries in the world, and naturally, that means a lot of commerce is exchanged between the two. In fact, Canada and the U.S. trade more than $2 billion in goods and services every day. Because of the countries’ close proximity, goods are primarily transported across … Continue reading “Can Canadian Truck Drivers Work in the USA?”

How Truckers Can Avoid Getting Sick

More than 3.5 million professional truck drivers are responsible for moving about 71% of freight in the United States. Drivers supply people and businesses with the food and supplies they need for daily life and business operations. With so many people reliant on the trucking industry, it is imperative that truckers stay healthy. Here is a closer look … Continue reading “How Truckers Can Avoid Getting Sick”

How Trucking Companies Can Avoid Scams

Con artists are everywhere. From false emails to malware to hacking, there are plenty of ways scammers can access your private data or trick you into downloading viruses. Fraud in the trucking industry is no different. Trucking industry scams range from computer-based targeting to cases of a false identity to contractual loopholes. With many avenues … Continue reading “How Trucking Companies Can Avoid Scams”

How to Offset Cost With Fuel Discounts

Fuel costs can quickly accumulate across the vast distances that fleet drivers travel to get from loading to delivery points along the nation’s freeways. For managers of fleets, one of the chief operating concerns is to lower costs as much as possible, including in the area of fuel spending. One of the best ways for … Continue reading “How to Offset Cost With Fuel Discounts”

Top 12 Tips for Women Truck Drivers

The trucking industry is tough — and for female truck drivers, it can be even tougher. Although the trucking industry as a whole has become more welcoming to female drivers in recent years, women still represent a small minority of truckers. According to 2018 data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just 6.6% of the 3.55 … Continue reading “Top 12 Tips for Women Truck Drivers”

Why You Need a Fuel Card as an Owner-Operator

The highly competitive trucking market in the U.S. today means even small owner-operator businesses need to think big to compete. It used to be that programs such as fleet cards were reserved for large national lines. Nowadays, fuel cards can help even small fleets save big money when it comes time to fuel up. Here … Continue reading “Why You Need a Fuel Card as an Owner-Operator”

18 Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

Should you become a truck driver? Many people have asked that question while scanning prospective fields in the job market. Whether you are just now entering or contemplating a career change, the idea of being a truck driver might come with mixed feelings. People associate the job with the ability to drive – a skill … Continue reading “18 Benefits of Being a Truck Driver”

9 Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

Truck drivers keep our nation running. From local runs to cross-country treks, truck drivers and trucking companies get all of our goods where we need them. Driving a truck has its challenges, but it’s also a rewarding line of work. Our team here at FactorLoads is proud to support the trucking industry and giving a … Continue reading “9 Benefits of Being a Truck Driver”

8 Ways to Save Money as an Owner-Operator

Running your own business can be rewarding, but it also takes a lot of hard work, dedication and patience. There are days where it seems you’re putting out more money than you’re taking in. Here at FactorLoads, we built our business on finding affordable and flexible factoring solutions for small and medium owner-operator businesses. Check … Continue reading “8 Ways to Save Money as an Owner-Operator”