In the trucking industry, a lumper is an individual who loads or unloads cargo from a truck once it arrives at a warehouse. Freight brokers, carriers, shipping companies or warehouses often use a third party to hire lumpers. Hiring lumpers makes things easier for truck drivers because they don’t have to worry about unloading or loading their trucks once they arrive at their destination.

Advantages of Lumper Services

Lumper services are advantageous to truck drivers. The benefits of hiring lumpers include:

  • Better efficiency and productivity: Lumpers unload and load cargo quickly and efficiently. With multiple lumpers, the process becomes more productive. Truckers have better opportunities to meet deadlines because their turnaround times are shorter.
  • Allows trucker recuperation: Lumpers enable truck drivers to rest and relax after being on the road. Letting truckers recuperate ensures they are ready to return to the road once the freight is unloaded or loaded.
  • Expertise: Lumpers have experience and expertise in organizing and managing the loading and unloading process. They also have proper training for handling various cargo types, ensuring the products remain safe and intact.
  • Flexibility: Lumper services include hiring lumpers with diverse knowledge and training to complete fluctuating assignments. Flexible lumper service partners help truckers manage freight, regardless of size.

Lumper Service Considerations

When considering lumper services, there are a couple of things to remember. Lumper fees are charged for every freight delivery and lumper service. Lumper fees vary based on the amount of work and hours completed. A lumper’s contract with a carrier, warehouse or carrier also influences the fee amount. Truck drivers are often responsible for paying the fees and are then reimbursed by the company, carrier or broker afterward.

Another consideration is the reliability and reputation of lumper servicing companies. Ensure the company you partner with for lumper services has reliable lumpers who will contribute to improving operations. The lumper service should comply with industry and safety regulations.

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