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Running a trucking business is hard enough when you have a large operation that includes steady and dependable cash flow. When you’re a small- to mid-size trucking company, it’s that much harder to establish regular cash flow and to remain competitive with larger providers. One of the most challenging aspects is billing and invoicing. Without timely, prompt billing and invoicing, payments come in at an unpredictable and volatile rate — making it hard to manage the financial side of the business.

Thankfully, there’s a solution to this problem: freight factoring. 

When you choose freight factoring services in Canada, you can get paid for loads that you’ve only just picked up. This alleviates financial pressure and gives you greater billing and invoicing flexibility.

At FactorLoads, we proudly serve owner-operators, freight brokers and small- and mid-size trucking companies throughout Canada, offering load factoring and spot factoring that empower them to run and grow their businesses.

Why Choose
Load Factoring?

What does it mean to choose freight factoring services in Canada? When you choose to work with FactorLoads, you gain access to a range of benefits, including:

Access to full freight factoring services 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Spot factoring services that allow you to choose in real-time whether to factor a load or bill it yourself

Paid advances of between 40 and 60 percent the moment you pick up a load

Both non-recourse and recourse programs

Flat rates and zero reserves

Free and unlimited credit checks around the clock

Access to a database where you can see which customers are pre-approved

A free Load Board account to get started

The ability to design a custom factoring program that meets your company’s unique needs

That last point is incredibly important. Many freight broker factoring companies offer an off-the-shelf solution to all customers. At FactorLoads, we take a different approach by taking the time to understand your unique needs and then creating a freight factoring program to meet them. Make sure your trucking business gets the services it needs when you choose load factoring and spot factoring from FactorLoads.

True and Dependable
Spot Factoring 24/7

What exactly is spot factoring? Some freight factoring services in Canada force you to go all-in or all-out. That is, you either factor all of your invoices or none of them. At FactorLoads, we provide spot factoring services that allow you to choose on an invoice-by-invoice basis what gets factored and what does not.

This is essential to helping our clients and their businesses thrive. With spot factoring, you can choose to factor or not based on your cash flow and financial situation at any given moment. In short, this is a responsive approach to factoring that puts the power into your hands and allows you to make sound financial decisions for your business.

Many of our customers choose spot factoring when they have one large order or when they need short-term flexibility. No matter your situation and needs, spot factoring can be a helpful tool that takes the financial pressure out of your day-to-day operations.

An Honest, Helpful
Approach to Freight Factoring

At FactorLoads, we’re here to serve you — not the other way around. That’s why we’ve structured load factoring services without hidden fees, contracts, sliding rates or holdbacks. We offer an easy-to-understand and straightforward flat rate so that using our freight factoring services is as easy as possible.

And don’t be fooled by factoring services that promote rock-bottom rates. Many times, these extremely low rates are at the bottom of a sliding scale, and the chances of you accessing those low rates are nearly zero. At FactorLoads, we offer reasonable rates on load factoring that allow you to achieve the cash flow needed to run your business the way you desire.

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Why Choose

When you choose FactorLoads for freight factoring services in Canada, it’s like adding a trusted partner to your team. We’re here when you need us around the clock, available any time and any day of the week for load factoring or spot factoring. Our team is helpful in answering your questions and providing assistance when freight factoring is needed.

And we take an honest approach to load factoring. Too many times trucking businesses and owner-operators enter a load factoring agreement — only to find that the terms aren’t quite what they thought or expected. At FactorLoads, we’re upfront about our terms, and we offer load factoring services without contracts or hidden fees so that you can take advantage of our services only when needed.

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