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Best Podcasts to Listen to on Your Trucking Treks

Ever since NPR’s “Serial” podcast captured the nation’s attention at the end of 2014, these Internet-based radio shows have been enjoying a major moment. The ever-expanding variety of podcasts means you can access hours of listening pleasure on every subject as you drive your trucking route. You just need a smartphone or
similar device on which to download or stream your favorite shows.

If you’re new to podcasts (or just looking for new shows to follow), try some of the programs below.

Trucking Podcasts

Podcasting is so popular that several trucking experts offer tips and commentary on the industry through this medium. Listen to their shows to stay updated on what’s new and noteworthy in trucking.

Ask the Trucker “Live” With Allen Smith

Long-time trucker Allen Smith speaks about issues that affect truckers in this podcast. Learn about how to stay healthy on the road, new driving regulations to be aware of, and important changes in the industry. New episodes are available about one to two times a month.

The Trucking Podcast

Father-son team Buck and Don Ballard have hosted this weekly show for more than two years. They don’t just discuss trucking itself-they expand their conversations to include other automotive subjects like pickup trucks and RVs.

Trucker Dump

Host Todd McCann offers straight (and sometimes humorous) talk about trucking based on his nearly 20 years of driving. The show has over 100 episodes so far covering both the personal and professional sides of the business.

Storytime Podcasts

Do you love hearing a good story told well? The three podcasts in this section offer exactly that, taking you to destinations across the country from the seat of your cab.

The Moth

Storytellers on this podcast share true experiences from their own lives to a live audience. You can hear authors, comedians, scientists, athletes, and every other variety of human offer witty and heartfelt insight into life in general on the new episodes released every week.

This American Life

This radio show is a staple of NPR, and they now make the weekly episodes available on demand to podcast listeners. Tune in to hear host Ira Glass and other contributors explore all aspects of the American experience.

The Way I Heard It With Mike Rowe

The former host of “Dirty Jobs” recently joined the world of podcasting. His show shares little-known facts about well-known individuals and leaves you guessing who the story is about until the end.

Brain-Boosting Podcasts

During your long hours on the road, you may want to learn interesting trivia tidbits or give your mind a workout. These podcasts will appeal to the cerebral, analytical parts of your nature.

TED Radio Hour

Talks about technology, entertainment, and design get told on TED stages all over the world, and you can hear selections from the best of these speeches on this podcast. Each hour-long episode features three or four talks, as well an interviews with the speakers.

Good Job, Brain

Trivia buffs can’t miss this podcast about grab bag facts and offbeat news stories. You’ll learn tidbits you can share with people you meet on the road and loved ones at home.

Freakonomics Radio

Stephen J. Dubner, one mind behind the hit nonfiction book series “Freakonomics,” hosts this weekly podcast. He applies principles of economics to human behavior, politics, culture, and many other topics. His coauthor, Steven D. Leavitt, occasionally appears as well.

Sports Podcasts

If you have teams that you cheer for whenever you get a chance, catch up on the latest sports news and analysis with these podcasts.

The Dan Patrick Show

Legendary sports personality Dan Patrick hosts a three-hour radio show, and you can get three condensed episodes every day via your favorite podcasting app. Patrick’s connections mean he frequently speaks to the most elite athletes and coaches from every sport.

The Rich Eisen Podcast

Football fans can’t afford to miss this twice-weekly podcast from Rich Eisen, the top broadcaster on the NFL Network. He speaks with a who’s who of NFL superstars along with other celebrity guests.

The B.S. Report With Bill Simmons

If you’re looking for a sports podcaster who sounds more like your friends or neighbors, listen to Bill Simmons. He thinks and talks about sports like a guy who watches them from his couch or a local bar, making him a relatable and important personality in sports news today.

Culture Podcasts

Discover what’s going on in the worlds of film, music, and TV with any of the numerous pop culture podcasts available, including the selections below.

I Was There Too

Actor and comedian Matt Gourley loves movies, and he asks cast members from hit films for behind-the-scenes stories in this podcast. Films he’s already discussed include “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” “E.T.,” and “Field of Dreams.”

Song Exploder

This is “Behind the Music” as a podcast. Musician and composer Hrishikesh Hirway interviews other artists about songs they wrote, delving deep into the creative process. The 15-ish-minute episodes make for great listening between your favorite songs.

Rolling Stone Music Now

If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of music history and the best of what’s new, check out this first-ever podcast from Rolling Stone. Launched in January 2016, this show lets the magazine’s editors discuss what they’re listening to and speak with established and up-and-coming musicians on air.

As the list above shows, podcasts offer something for everyone. Sample a few of these suggestions, and search for other programs that appeal to your interests. You’ll find that podcasts make the miles pass much faster.

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