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9 Benefits of Being a Truck Driver

Truck drivers keep our nation running. From local runs to cross-country treks, truck drivers and trucking companies get all of our goods where we need them. Driving a truck has its challenges, but it’s also a rewarding line of work. Our team here at FactorLoads is proud to support the trucking industry and giving a leg up to small and medium owner-operator businesses that struggle to compete with the national chains. If you’re looking to get into trucking, either as a driver for an existing company or by starting up your own trucking company, we encourage you!Check out our list of reasons to get into trucking as a career:

  1. Good pay: Safe, reliable drivers are always in demand, and high competition for drivers these days means trucking companies are offering excellent wages and benefits. When you look at the number of college-educated people looking for work these days, a rewarding and well-paying job like driving a transport truck starts to look extra appealing!
  2. Bonuses: Drivers who show a good safety record and who hit certain distances or loads carried are often eligible for hefty bonuses. When interviewing with a company, inquire about their bonus plans. A bonus is a great incentive to go the extra mile and arrive safely and on time, so choose a company that rewards good drivers for their skill and dedication.
  3. Benefits: On top of the great pay you can get as a truck driver, you are usually eligible for excellent benefits for you and your family such as medical, dental and vision. Many trucking companies also offer life insurance packages, retirement packages and prescription medication coverage. In some cases, you may even have paid vacation and holidays!
  4. Job security: The need for truck drivers isn’t going away anytime soon! On the contrary, the increase in online shopping means more and more products are being shipped around our country every day. Truckers who are looking to relocate to another city or state often find numerous job opportunities available to them, which can’t be said for most career fields.
  5. Flexibility: Truck drivers are called in to deliver when and where the loads are needed, meaning you can enjoy a flexible schedule that doesn’t fall into the repetitive 9-5 schedule that many people work. Many drivers enjoy long hauls on a regular basis with shorter runs here and there to give them greater flexibility for their day-to-day lives and family obligations.
  6. Changing horizons: Driving a truck allows you to see your state and country in a way many never will. Instead of staring at a computer screen all day, you get to see changing scenery and countryside and discover different towns and cities. This is one of the best perks of being a truck driver and helps keep your job from becoming boring and repetitive.
  7. Teamwork: Working as a team is another way that makes being a truck driver a good job. Teaming up with a spouse, friend or colleague allows you to take on longer runs and get clear across the country. Most trucking outfits offer bonuses for fast deliveries, so create your trucking team and enjoy the satisfaction and high pay of working as part of a larger whole.
  8. Extra hours: Not many jobs give you the chance to take on extra hours if you’re looking to make a bit of extra money. Trucking offers that kind of scheduling flexibility and means you can juggle your personal and work schedules to suit you. Take on extra shifts when you want to save some money and then take time off when you need a break or have other obligations.
  9. The chance to own your own business: Once you have a bit of trucking experience under your belt, you may decide to open your own owner-operator trucking business. Creating your own business is exciting and rewarding, and the high demand for trucking and transportation these days means you have a great chance at success.

Ready to get started on your trucking career? Whether you’re looking to drive for an existing business or start your own trucking company, our team here at FactorLoads can help. Count on our experience to guide you and save your business money with our competitive load factoring services. We’re proud to serve the needs of small and medium owner-operators, so come and discover the benefits of being a truck driver.

The countless perks and advantages make driving a truck an appealing career, so contact us today to learn more about how to break into this rewarding and fruitful field.

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