“We have been with Factorloads for the better part of a year. Our company was very new so we weren’t real sure what to expect of the services at Factorloads. I can tell you that not only did they handle everything for us but they made sure that we knew exactly how to use the Factorloads site. I have found that their website is very easy to navigate. My questions have always been answered, but what makes this company stand out is that my questions get answered with a “smile”! Everyone at Factorloads have always been very welcoming to me. One of my needs is that when I call and leave a message that someone call me back in a timely manner! This has always been done by the team at Factorloads. All of my loads have always been handled and paid for quickly. I have had a few that needed some changes or more information, but once I resubmitted they were paid quickly! We look forward to growing our business with the help of the entire staff at Factorloads”