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In addition to our flexibility and our no-nonsense approach to factoring, we also offer a variety of truck factoring discounts that can make your life easier and that help your business run smoothly and cost-effectively.

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Fuel Discounts

Carriers that work with FactorLoads are eligible for fleet pricing discounts with both EFS and Comdata fuel cards at most major fuel stops, where they will receive the same discount pricing as the largest fleets in the nation.

Military Discounts for Veterans

In recognition of your service and sacrifice, we give a sign on bonus for Retired Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses. Contact our Business Development Team today for details 1-866-218-0300 (ext 4)

Complimentary Load Board Account

All FactorLoads carriers receive a complimentary account on the FactorLoads Load Board, a value of $50 per month. FactorLoads Load Board is a leading load search with information updated daily. It allows you to see broker credit while searching for a load. Users can easily and quickly access more than 28,000 load postings per day helping ensure they always have work.

FedEx Discount Program

We have a significant Fed Ex discount program for our customers to help save you money. This makes it convenient and easy to send your originals required by your brokers.

Free Payment Cards

As a FactorLoads customer you can receive as many payment cards as you need for FREE. Send money home, pay drivers, give advances, pay for tolls, and more.

Truck Factor Referral Program

We have the best referral program in the industry. We want you to make extra money. Once you're factoring with FactorLoads, you will have easy opportunities to make extra side money.

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