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Here is what our freight bill factoring service consists of :
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Tired of waiting for your paychecks to arrive? With freight bill factoring, truckers �sell� their invoices to a freight bill factoring company which pays the trucker immediately, then handles the collection of payments and accepts the credit risk for a nominal portion of the trucker�s pay. Working with the freight bill factoring experts at www.factorloads.com has significant benefits; we pay our truckers quickly and free them from worry about when and whether their customer will pay. Our freight bill factoring customers just submit their freight bills of lading to us and we handle the rest. While many competing freight bill factoring companies hold back a portion of the driver�s pay until they get paid, our freight bill factoring program holds back nothing. It�s a fixed rate percentage and we pay drivers on the day they submit the bill of lading to us. And unlike some other competing freight bill factoring companies, we have no minimum monthly requirements, either. Once we receive the invoice, our freight bill factoring experts load up the driver�s Comdata card with the pay, less our percentage. Our freight bill factoring rates are highly competitive and our drivers know precisely when and how much they will be paid. With Factorloads handling their invoicing and collection processes, our freight bill factoring customers have more time to work on growing their businesses. And isn�t that what it�s all about? .

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