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Flexible payment options with FactorLoads.

With the EFS and Comdata Cards that Factorloads offers, you have the freedom to choose from many options on how your payments are handled. Your money, your choice.

FactorLoads was the first factoring company to serve startups and small trucking businesses. We understand the business and know the challenges you face. You need:

Our team can help you with all this and more. There are no contracts to sign and no minimums, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying for our services. This gives you peace of mind to focus on your deliveries and attracting new clients. You also get the flexibility of our multiple payment options. It’s YOUR cash, so you should have access to it whenever and however you want.

The Convenience of Fuel Cards for Trucking Companies

Payment to your EFS and Comdata simplifies your life. You know that when a payment is made, it goes directly to your card and you’ll have access to it right away. Running a small trucking business is a challenge, due to:

Knowing your freight factoring company has your back is a huge relief. Our team provides transparent load factoring with no hidden fees, so you know exactly how much your payments will be. Your cash is available instantly for factored loads — as soon as your customers make payments for regular invoices, we send out.

Fuel Cards Save You Time and Money

Payment with a fuel card also streamlines your day-to-day operations. Every driver can have a fuel card, eliminating the need to send them out with cash or worry about payment issues on the road. Thanks to the scale of our company, we can obtain discount fuel rates for your entire fleet. You’ll get as many fuel cards as you need and benefit from reduced fuel prices at most service stations across the country.

Even a small savings per gallon makes a difference, especially as the miles add up. As a small freight and trucking business, you want to save as much money as you can to free up cash for day-to-day operations and growing your business. Lower fuel costs also help you offer more competitive prices to compete with the big trucking lines.

The Benefits of Factoring Companies With Fuel Cards

Every small and owner-operator trucking business is different. That's why FactorLoads takes the time to understand the way you do business and find the best invoice factoring solutions. Take advantage of our industry-leading factoring services and combine them with the best fuel cards available to give your trucking business a real boost.

Contact us today for more information and to obtain a free quote. Opt in to our expert factoring services to get your cash sooner and money-saving, hassle-free fuel cards for every truck in your fleet. This way, you can focus on doing what you do best — getting your hauls across the county, state or country with a little assistance from FactorLoads!