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Trucking Fuel Cards

Fuel is a huge expense for trucking company owner-operators. Sending trucks up and down the coasts and even cross country requires a lot of diesel, and with gas prices fluctuating from month to month, trucking businesses can feel the pinch of rising costs quickly, especially waiting for payments for deliveries. That's why we offer great fuel discounts to our customers through fuel cards they can use to save.

When you enroll in our fleet cards program, you'll benefit from buying in bulk and receiving reduced pricing when you fill up. Could you earn savings from a program like this? Learn how fuel cards work and why you should take advantage of them.

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How Do Fuel Cards Work?

Fuel cards offer you per-gallon discounts when you buy diesel. Fuel card providers partner with fuel stations, which offer exclusive discounts to card carriers. Discounts often vary and will not be the same from station to station because each one operates under its own agreement. Pricing also varies based on national fuel rates.

One major consideration for you if you're a trucking owner-operator is finding a fuel card option with partners along your usual routes. Your drivers need to access these stations easily when they transport loads.

The cumulative benefits will add up over time and increase the more you use the fuel card program. The bottom line for a company can reach thousands of dollars in savings every year.

EFS and Comdata Services:

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EFS and Comdata Fuel Discounts:

FactorLoads EFS and Comdata card holders who purchase fuel on their EFS and Comdata card are eligible for fleet pricing discounts atmost major fuel stops, where they will receive the same discount pricing as the largest fleets in the nation.

EFS Debit Cards:

FactorLoads EFS cards also work as a debit card. You and your drivers can use your EFS debit card to access funds from more than 600,000 ATM locations, plus most all store front locations.

EFS Checks:

Your EFS card comes with the ability to issue your own EFS check from the funds on your EFS card. You can write the EFS check directly off your EFS card any time of the day by phone, web or by mobile app.

Comdata OnRoad Cards:

Your Comdata OnRoad Card has the ability for use as a debit card anywhere the MasterCard network is accepted. You and your drivers can use your Comdata OnRoad card to access funds from any ATM or storefront location where MasterCard is accepted.

Comdata Checks:

Your Comdata card comes with the ability to issue your own Comdata check from the funds on your Comdata card. You can write the Comdata check directly off your Comdata card any time of the day by phone, web or by mobile app.

Two Way Transfers:

You can transfer funds from your EFS or Comdata account to your personal or business checking account. You can also transfer funds from card to card. This gives you many options on how to manage your funds and allows you to make the most out of the discounts you get when using your fuel cards.

EFS Credit:

Use the FactorLoads issued EFS account to apply for an EFS credit line.

The Benefits of Using FactorLoads Fuel Cards

We offer fuel cards to our partners as part of our regular services. Why does it pay to work with us? We provide:

Partner With FactorLoads for the Best Fuel Cards

Fuel cards offer many advantages to small- and mid-sized trucking companies looking to gain a competitive advantage in the field. In addition to saving you money, FactorLoads offers other services that can help you grow and maintain the positive cash flow that's so difficult to balance in the trucking industry. Our programs will afford you many opportunities to get ahead in this industry.

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