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Factoring Company Reviews

"I've been a Factorloads customer for approx 5 yrs and let's say that their expertise in what they do speaks for itself, very very polite and courteous staff here at Insight Technology, always eager and very professional when helping you via email or general phone conversation with every facet of your factoring needs. I personally don't think I could have chosen a better factoring company." -- Lee Alston Willingboro, NJ

"Thank you Factorloads, you made it easy for me to set up my company, by doing my LLC paperwork and helping me with my authority. It was a smooth and easy process. You also helped me access my capital to start and keep running my business." -- Kenneth Dunn Athens, TX

"I signed up with Factorloads several months ago. The setup process was easy and did not require a ton of forms to fill out. The staff assisting me was very knowledgeable and helpful as always. They are open 24/7 365 days a year if you need them! I wholly endorse Factorloads and would choose them over others that I explored using hands down. Great honest company to do business with." -- Jim Clemons Boise, ID

Experience the FactorLoads Difference

"As a business owner for A&R logistics LLC, FactorLoads has helped me grow my business extremely! Everybody in all departments have been extremely helpful! No matter what time of day or night it is I can always count on you guys, Very polite very easy to deal with, for me personally it’s 10 stars!! Whatever the situation is FactorLoads always goes out of their way to lend a hand making your operation run smoothly! With that being said I hope to keep FactorLoads as a business partner for years to come! I thank you guys every each and one of you for the job you do." -- Robert Beard Louisville, KY

"To come across a business that will be there to help you with any questions you may have with factoring a load, and will see you through whatever the problem, is great. The staff is very helpful and you will get paid. You upload your paper work and we get paid next day. I don't care how many times you call Henry even with the same question sometimes. He will answer like it's the first time you have asked. A friend told me about insight technology, best thing that has ever happened when it comes to getting paid fast. One less thing you have to worry about. Thank you Henry and staff. " -- Lee's Trucking

"My husband and I recently became first-time owner/operators and were referred to Factor Loads by a friend. I was nervous starting the process but their friendly staff kindly walked me through every step. It was such a relief to work with people that I felt comfortable asking questions without feeling stupid or like I was wasting their time. They even gave me pointers and went above and beyond to make sure I had all the information I needed and I knew what to do. Since using Factor Loads, I have been impressed with how easy the process is and how fast everything gets done. I'm most impressed the fuel discounts we receive. The very first time we used the card, we saved $84.60 and at the end of the first month we saved $707.41! I would definitely recommend Factor Loads to anyone looking for a factoring company to use, no matter how long they have been in business." -- Jamie Leavitt Lyman, UT

"Factor Loads makes factoring easy. At first I thought the deal was to good to be true, but the staff at factor loads soon proved me wrong. What they tell you is how it is. No hidden fees or cost. I was amazed. They take customer service to the next level. They are always willing to do whatever it takes to help anyone anytime. We  downsized so we closed our account. When the time arose and decided to factor some loads they were the only company we even thought of. A very simple and easy set up packet was sent and in 24 hours we were ready to go. The staff at Factor Loads go the extra mile to help us small trucking companies. Very simple very fast and the best customer service in the business. Factor Loads is the only choice for Herb's Express LLC!!!" -- Axe Bryan   Balch Spring, TX

"I have been with Factorloads for close to 10 years, been very happy with them as a working company, some one that will do what it takes to get the job done. I had 18 trucks at one time, now I dispatch for 8 different companies, 7 with Factorloads and one with another [factoring company]...but he will switch when he hits a snag. And he will. Any questions please call me direct." -- Frank Anderson   Macon, GA

"We love the way you changed to be paid same day and so fast. We don't know how you do it. Easy to email you or fax the info to you. Your web site is so easy to find all the info we need. We send you the info and have NO WORRIES that whatever we need done gets taken care of. We tell everyone about you. Other companies try to get us to change and we tell them NO WAY, they can't compare to you. Thank you for being so great!!!" -- George & Pam Dean   Casa Grande, AZ

"“FactorLoads has been a great help to us being a new trucking business. Originally, the idea was to just use them until I got used to the dispatching, learned the new paperwork and we didn’t need the fuel advances…it would have been a LOT harder to succeed without the services FactorLoads and Insight Technology provided us. Now that I’ve learned the dispatching, feel I know the paperwork and we are no longer needing the fuel advances…we’ve decided to continue to use FactorLoads. They do such an AWESOME job…we wouldn’t do it any other way! Thank you FactorLoads and Insight Technology for having such friendly, competent, patient people who provide an awesome service!” -- Debbie Barnes Lakeview, OR

“We have been with Factorloads for the better part of a year. Our company was very new so we weren't real sure what to expect of the services at Factorloads. I can tell you that not only did they handle everything for us but they made sure that we knew exactly how to use the Factorloads site. I have found that their website is very easy to navigate.My questions have always been answered, but what makes this company stand out is that my questions get answered with a "smile"! Everyone at Factorloads have always been very welcoming to me.One of my needs is that when I call and leave a message that someone call me back in a timely manner! This has always been done by the team at Factorloads.All of my loads have always been handled and paid for quickly. I have had a few that needed some changes or more information, but once I resubmitted they were paid quickly!We look forward to growing our business with the help of the entire staff at Factorloads” -- Debi Webb Houston, TX

"“My company is MTI Trucking out of Corbin, KY. We have been working with Insight Technology for several years. I absolutely love the staff. They are very friendly, nice , and very helpful. We have dealt with other factor companies before and never had such a friendly staff as Insight. Insight always keeps you updated on new ways of getting funded quicker and easier. Their website is easy to use and very friendly for the not so savvy computer expert.  For anyone wanting an amazing factoring company I would recommend Insight hands down besides what other factor company would have staff you can joke with and put a smile on your face.” -- Stephanie Girdner Corbin, KY

“On the behalf of Delese Transport LLC., I recommend Factorloads to any company looking for a factoring company that is available 24/7. The staff is easy to work with and always willing to answer any questions we may have. The website offers "real time" updates on submitted paperwork as well as other helpful reports. Our final funding amounts have always been accurate down to the last penny, which makes our lives a lot easier! We are definitely happy with Factorloads, and always promote their company, even to other factoring companies!“ -- Tony Womack Turbeville, South Carolina

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