How Do Freight Brokers Benefit From Factoring?

Freight brokers are squeezed from both ends. They have customers that may take 30 or more days to pay their bill, while carriers demand payment right away. When cash is flowing out faster than it is flowing in, keeping above water is difficult. If you are a freight broker looking for a way to improve … Continue reading

What Is Freight Factoring? Common Factoring Questions Answered

When it comes to fleet operation, timeliness is everything. Unfortunately, expenses arise that are often hard to cover due to the delayed timetable on which clients pay their bills. To account for this delay, freight factoring companies give fleets the option to get the bulk of the cash up front. For smaller fleets and owner-operators, … Continue reading

Freight Factoring Tips for Owner-Operators & Small Fleets

Trucking fleets of various sizes use freight factoring as a way to speed up cash flow. So how does freight factoring benefit owner operators? The benefits are numerous, from upfront cash to billing services and other back office assistance. With the following tips for factoring, you too can make an informed choice on the best … Continue reading

How To Get the Best Factoring Rate – What to Look Out for When Choosing a Factoring Company

What is Truck Factoring & How Does it Help Truckers? In the commercial trucking business, one of the most crucial aspects of the trade is to fulfill deliveries as soon as possible. However, the payments from customers — which can take anywhere from four to six weeks on average — are slow when you consider … Continue reading

Get Healthy on the Road With These Tips

You may love your job. Trucking is a great way to earn money while seeing the country, and you may love all your alone time listening to music or podcasts. However, trucking can also wreak havoc on your body. Sitting behind the wheel, sleeping at odd hours, and eating greasy truck-stop fare are not good … Continue reading

Best Podcasts to Listen to on Your Trucking Treks

Ever since NPR’s “Serial” podcast captured the nation’s attention at the end of 2014, these Internet-based radio shows have been enjoying a major moment. The ever-expanding variety of podcasts means you can access hours of listening pleasure on every subject as you drive your trucking route. You just need a smartphone or similar device on … Continue reading

Money-Saving Maintenance Tips For Semis

Starting up a trucking company requires a lot of capital, and you’ll need to be careful with your resources while you establish a steady flow of income. One way you can keep your expenses low is to establish a preventative maintenance routine for your trucks. Instead of paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to fix … Continue reading

4 Alternitives to Rest Stops When Delivering Cross-Country

Truck driving is a fulfilling career, but one that can take a toll on your body. Driving for hours every day makes your body stiff and can be boring as well. While there are plenty o rest stops and truck stops scattered around the country, sometimes you want to see something a little more interesting … Continue reading